USATenant.com Frequently Asked Questions
How can USATenant.com screen applicants so quickly?

USATenant.com is an automated screening service provided by USAFact, Inc., making use of several extensive databases managed by some of the largest companies maintaining consumer information in the world. Access to these databases is a privilege. USATenant.com maintains one of the most comprehensive network of court researchers in the country. High quality and quick turnaround time are accomplished through a cutting-edge automated system designed especially for screening.

How can USATenant.com make better decisions using less input information than other applicant screening models?

USATenant.com has access to a wide variety of databases throughout the United States, from a variety of industries.  This provides us the means to obtain the information necessary to complete an applicant screen with minimal information.

Does the USATenant.com Score comply with Fair Credit, Fair Housing, and other applicable laws?

USATenant.com complies with all applicable laws in regards to credit scoring and is governed under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Is USATenant.com easy to use?

USATenant.com was designed to be user friendly with the most novice of computer users. Adjustments to the design of the web site are constantly made to ensure the ease of use.

Will the USATenant.com web site be available when I need it?

USATenant.com is available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. It’s online and accessible at any time

What security measures are in place to ensure a prospective resident’s privacy?

Our site has a VeriSign Secure Server ID which means all information sent to this site, is encrypted and protected against disclosure to third parties via an SSL session with our network servers.

What do all those codes in the Credit Report mean?

Please Click Here to view a TransUnion guide to reading credit reports.